Retractable Mudguard Extends To Protect Cyclists From Splashes

Plume is a slap bracelet-style bike accessory that helps guard against wet roads.

Plume is a recoiling mudguard that protects bikes and cyclists from mud splatters. It mounts onto the bike’s seatpost and the streamlined strip looks good when it’s extended and when it’s coiled away.

Sleek Mudguard Extends To Protect The Cyclist From Splashes

The sleek mudguard extends out and recoils back into a tight circle under the seat with the press of a finger, even if you’re in motion. Plume is made of resilient stainless steel and a flexible polymer so it can stand up to bad conditions.

The mudguard was designed to be difficult to steal as its stainless-steel spine wraps around a bicycle’s seatpost. It also attaches to a wide variety of seatpost sizes, making installation easy and removing the need for extra shims or spacers.

Sleek Mudguard Extends To Protect The Cyclist From Splashes

Plume was designed by Dan McMahon and Patrick Laing, who met in London four years ago. It is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, where it has almost reached its goal. Backers can receive one mudguard for a pledge of $35 or more. Check out the campaign video below for more info: