Clorox Partners With The Onion To Show The Messy Side Of Parenting

Brand partners with satirical publication to create “The Language of the Domestic Jungle” video series.

Onion Labs and Clorox have teamed up to create “The Language of the Domestic Jungle” video series, highlighting the humor behind common messy moments that all parents face. It is part of Clorox’s ‘Ick-tionary‘, a wiki-style dictionary of everyday ick including new words like “Poopocalypse”, “Grueslime” and “Splatteral Damage.”

Clorox Celebrates The Humor Of Parenting With Dictionary of Everyday Ick

The Ick-tionary was created by parents, for parents everywhere to help decode this new language of mess. Jay Stilwell, marketing manager at Clorox, said:

Clorox knows all about the icky situations parents face. We’ve seen it all, and yet we still love to help clean up. We teamed up with Onion Labs to bring the situations in the Clorox Ick-tionary to life in a way that parents everywhere can relate to, laugh about and share with other parents, unless of course the mess is still too fresh to laugh about.

You can check out two of the five spots to be released below: