Movie Theatre To Offer Closed-Captioning Glasses To The Hearing Impaired [Video]

Regal Cinemas plans to distribute Sony Entertainment Access Glasses for movie-goers.

By the end of the month, Regal Cinemas plans to provide Sony Entertainment Access Glasses to over 6,000 theaters all over the U.S. in hopes of attracting more hearing impaired people to watch movies.



Sony Entertainment Access Glasses are glasses that can project captions on the lenses. The captions would appear to be floating about ten feet in front of the person wearing the glasses. These closed-captioning glasses also come with descriptive audio tracks for those who cannot hear very well and for visually impaired people. With the audio tracks, users will hear the scenes and sounds being described to them.

The captions and the audio are not visible or audible to other people other than the user, so there’s no risk of disturbing other cinema guests.

This clip below explains how the closed-captioning glasses work.

Regal Cinemas