Diet Coke Unveils Skinny Vending Machine [Video]

The Slender Vender is able to be slipped into new kinds of locations.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on May 7, 2013.

Diet Coke wanted to find a new and unexpected way to advertise the “fit and elegant” beverage. So they built the ‘Slender Vender’: a skinny vending machine that allows bottles of the soda with no sugar or calories to be slipped into new kinds of locations.

Diet Coke Unveils The Skinniest Vending Machine Ever [Video]

The company claims that Diet Coke fits beautifully into one’s lifestyle, and so does this Slender Vender. The thinnest vending machine in the world fits where others can’t and is seen in the video showing up in unexpected places.

You can see how people reacted when they discovered the machine on a bridge, in a hair salon, outside a cafe, in a bowling alley, on a cycle path, and even between treadmills at the gym. Check it out below:

Diet Coke