Build-By-Numbers House Can Be Printed And Constructed In A Day

Wikihouse is an open-source construction kit that anyone can get online and use to make a home.

Architect Alastair Parvin and his team based in London have come up with an open-source construction kit that anyone can get off the net and use to build a home.

Wikihouse includes a shared online library of 3D models designed and uploaded by a community of designers and makers. People looking to build a house can download these 3D models and adapt them in a tool like Sketchup to generate cutting files for parts of the house. They can then print these components on plywood or any sheet material using computer numerical control or CNC machines. The house parts are numbered and fit together using pegs and wedges. The house can be assembled by a small group.

Wikihouse-2 Wikihouse-6

Find out more about the process and the project from the Wikihouse website.