Edible Forest Will Offer Free Food To City Dwellers

An urban food forest in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle will enable locals to pick fruit and vegetables.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on May 24, 2013.

There are plans for an urban food forest in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle, where people can pick fruit and vegetables for free. Only a short distance from downtown Seattle, the self-sustaining forest will grow produce such as apples, herbs, walnuts and pineapples. The mission statement reads:

Our goal is to design, plant and grow an edible urban forest garden that inspires our community to gather together, grow our own food and rehabilitate our local ecosystem.

Seattle's Edible Forest Will Offer Free Food To Visitors

The area’s sun exposure and sloping angle will allow a large variety of plants to be grown, including some from other climate zones. The Food Forest will include an edible arboretum, berry patch, nut grove, community garden, and a kids area.

Wired reports that it is being built with the help of the local neighbourhood and architects worked with the public to come up with the design. Check out the video below to see the site and learn more about the Food Forest:

Beacon Food Forest

Photo by kshuyler

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