Facebook Stunt Posts To People’s Timeline As Ernest Hemingway

Facebook Stunt Posts To People’s Timeline As Ernest Hemingway

Spend a day with Hemingway and use social media to tell everyone all about it

Ross Brooks

Ogilvy & Mather┬áhave been working together with The Hemingway Foundation┬áto find a way to better promote the famous author amongst the younger generation. Their solution is a timeline hijack that makes it seem like you’ve been hanging out with Hemingway for a day.

The Facebook app takes over your timeline for 24 hours and generates a total of 8 posts throughout the day. The updates include check-ins and photos to give the impression you’ve just spent a day of adventure with the great man himself.


Hemingway was many things in his lifetime; an author, journalist, foreign correspondant, war correspondant and even an ambulance driver during the war. Maybe once the younger generation are exposed to the exploits of the multi-faceted man, they will have no choice but show a greater appreciation for one of history’s greats.

You can spend a day with him as well by checking out the link below.

Hemingway Hijacker

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