Famous Landmarks Made To Look Like Miniature Models [Pics]

Photographer captures destinations around the world from a unique perspective.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on May 10, 2013. @greenidealism

Richard Silver is a photographer who wanted to give people a new perspective on their place in the world – he achieved this by making some of the world’s most imposing landmarks look like nothing more than models.

Silver’s idea was to show people that even though the world might seem like a huge and scary place, it’s actually pretty small in comparison to the countless galaxies and solar systems that surround us.

The photos were captured using a combination of tilt-shift photography and post-production techniques which often results in the people at these places looking like nothing more than ants scurrying around an anthill.


So if you feel like the world is overwhelming you at the moment, take a look at these photos to put things back in perspective.

Richard Silver

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