Why Vintage Fashion Doesn’t Have To Be About Nostalgia [PSFK 2013]

Gill Linton, CEO of Byronesque, is working to modernize the fashion industry through online communities.

Gill Linton, CEO of Byronesque, spoke at  PSFK CONFERENCE 2013 about how she is working to modernize the fashion industry. Byronesque is an editorial and e-commerce website completely dedicated to vintage fashion culture. The collection gathered from retailers around the world is carefully curated, and is gathered specifically to challenge the conception that vintage fashion is synonymous with kitch and nostalgia.

gill linton 2

Along with the e-commerce side of the business, Byronesque also seeks to explore the sub-cultures around vintage fashion in the form of editorial articles. Users are given the chance to slow down, explore, and enjoy the nuances of fashion, and in the end hopefully make more considered and personal purchases. The model of Byronesque offers a thoughtful alternative to the trend of fast fashion and style copying in the industry.


Image Credit – Catalina Kulczar