Graffiti Artist Uses Rotten Fruit And Vegetables As Paint [Video]

Narcelio Grud scavenged for produce in the streets and created sustainable, organic murals with it.

Brazilian graffiti artist Narcelio Grud is very skilled with a spraycan but here he uses a very different medium. ‘Tropical Hungry‘ features Grud gathering produce in the streets and creating art on a wall with the rotting fruit and vegetables.

Graffiti Artist Repurposes Rotten Fruit And Vegetables [Video]

This type of street art presents an eco-friendly form of graffiti without any of the harmful toxins. The inventive artist uses the food he collected like colorful paints, smearing them on the blank canvas wall to create the image of a mouth. You can check out his creative process in the video below:

Tropical Hungry