A Dozen Ikea Products Hacked Into A Dual Kitchen & Herb Garden

The Unacucina uses everyday household items to create a compact kitchen with a mini garden.

Italian designers Teste di Legno took twelve unassuming off-the-shelf Ikea items and combined them to create Unacucina, a compact kitchen that has its own mini herb garden.

According to the description on the designers’ website, the concept involves taking items with different sizes and functions and bringing them together to create a ‘simple, light, and balanced’ environment. The Unacucina has everything you would need for a kitchen, minus the appliances, of course. As the write-up says, ‘Everything is close at hand. Everything is in its place. Everything can be transformed.’

The kitchen includes components such as a lamp, faucet, table, cooktop, sink, planters, watering can, shelves, and storage spaces.

You can find a complete list of the specific Ikea items used on the project page.

Unacucina-2 Unacucina-3