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IKEA Mood Lamp Changes Colors With Owner’s Emotions [Video]

IKEA Mood Lamp Changes Colors With Owner’s Emotions [Video]

A hacked light gets the addition of a natural interaction system that can sense human feelings through facial expressions.

Emma Hutchings

Italian web developer Vittorio Cuculo‘s Mood Lamp project features a hacked IKEA lamp that changes color based on its user’s emotions. The lamp uses OpenCV for image processing and analysis “to identify emotional state through the movements of face’s fiducial points.”

IKEA Lamp Changes Color Depending On Your Mood [Video]

It becomes a natural interaction system which picks up on the facial expressions that represent certain feelings. The interactive Mood Lamp was made with Arduino and scans the user’s face through a webcam image, changing its color to represent their current emotional state.

If they look sad the lamp turns blue and if they start smiling it changes to pink. You can check out the Mood Lamp in action in the video below:

Vittorio Cuculo

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