Guide Helps Ikea Customers Pronounce Swedish Product Names

‘Ikea In Swedish’ is a website that offers audio recordings of popular items names from the store.

‘Ikea På Svenska’ (‘Ikea in Swedish‘) is an online guide that offers audio recordings of popular Ikea products. It could be a very useful tool for customers who are clueless as to how to pronounce the tricky Swedish names.

Created by a small group of friends, the project was designed to be fun and educational. Shoppers can learn how to pronounce words like Köttbullar, Åfjärden, Hälleknop, Ombytlig and Förhöja before they go into the store to look for them.

Guide Helps Ikea Customers Pronounce Tricky Swedish Names

On each visit, the site randomly generates a selection of items from the catalog, laid out in blue tiles on a yellow background. The tiles include an image of the product and its name, and if you click it you can listen to an audio recording to learn how to say it properly.

When a guy named Ingvar Kamprad founded Ikea, he decided to name the furniture with proper names and words, so it would be easier to remember. Well, easier for Swedes. Too bad he didn’t predict his company would be all over the world, leaving the rest of us clueless when it comes to the names. So learn how Swedes pronounce them and stop sounding ridiculous.

Ikea in Swedish