Personal iPhone Pictures Printed As Vintage Polaroid Prints

The Printic app lets users choose photos from their camera roll, Facebook or Instagram accounts, and order them as physical copies.

Printic enables users to choose photos from their iPhone’s camera roll or their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and order them as Polaroid-style prints. After selecting the photos you want, they can be cropped and edited.

You can then choose the quantity of each you want and add captions to the botton of the prints if you like. Printic claims to be “the easiest and fastest way to order prints from your iPhone.”

iPhone Pictures Rendered As Vintage Polaroid Prints

It does not offer any filtering or enhancing options like Instagram, but it does let users order prints from their phone and send them to recipients through the app. The prints can be sent to one or more recipients, at a price of $0.99 /0.79€ per print.

There are no shipping costs, and the vintage-themed pictures will arrive in the mailbox shortly afterwards. You can check out Printic’s video below: