Lamborghini Designs A Batmobile For Their Anniversary

Lamborghini Designs A Batmobile For Their Anniversary

A concept car marks 50 years for the luxury car company.

Ross Brooks

The supercar company celebrates its 50th anniversary with a concept car that takes its inspiration from a military chopper, or from Batman’s famous top-loading vehicle.

Designed by the head of design at Volkswagon, Walter de Silva, the car is one of the company’s more aggressive concepts and is meant to represent hedonism without any limits.


It’s made of carbon fiber and aluminum, using aeronautical-spec anti-radar material, as well as anti-glare glass. The car houses a powerful 5.2L V10 engine that can generate up to 600 bhp.

The car also doesn’t have any doors, instead opting for a hatch that opens upwards. It even features a single seat cockpit that can be ejected – much like the attack helicopter it’s modeled on.


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