Light Architecture Inspired By Leonardo Da Vinci [Pics]

Light Architecture Inspired By Leonardo Da Vinci [Pics]

New exhibition uses rooms as the canvas for these illuminated works.

Lara Piras

Vanishing Point is a new work from Untied Visual Artists, an art collective based in London who create work that embraces sculpture, architecture, live performance and installation.


The presentation explores the idea of ‘light architecture’ and use of perspective as a tool and as a way to redefine and represent a particular space. Inspired by sketches of the Great Masters like DaVinci and Durer, the installation projects laser lines into space from a vanishing point, creating volumes, divisions and rooms to be explored by the audience.


Another aspect of the installation is sound. It is sampled in real-time from the lasers using a contact microphone and generates directly from the mechanics of the laser drawing what the audience can see.


The team at UVA explain, ‘It was interesting how the different lasers we experimented with required different drawing techniques. Depending on the quality of the laser, the effort required to trick it into drawing evenly lit, straight planes can be quite considerable.’

Vanishing Point is now showing at the Olympus Photography Playground in Berlin until the end of May.

Vanishing Point