Light Bulb Casts Colored Shadows [Video]

Dennis Parren's creation redefines our expectations of illumination.

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez on May 2, 2013. @leahgonz

Designer Dennis Parren has created a unique light bulb called the CMYK light bulb that casts colored shadows. The designer used red, blue and green LEDs and combined them with a white main light source to enable the light bulb to cast yellow, magenta, and cyan colored shadows.

The light bulb came about as a result of the designer’s previous creation, the CMYK lamp, which casts a network of colored shadows. Parren presented the CMYK light bulb at the Spazio Rossana Orlandi with a lamp shade that he also created based on a previous project, the RGB Galaxy.

Dennis-Parren-lightbulb-colored-shadows-2 Dennis-Parren-lightbulb-colored-shadows-3

According to Parren, the light bulb is easy to produce, making it accessible. The light bulb is currently available for €95.

Scroll through the images below.

Watch this video featuring the CMYK light bulb below.

Dennis Parren

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