100 Creatives Design Custom Life-Sized Paper Dogs [Pics]

100 Creatives Design Custom Life-Sized Paper Dogs  [Pics]

Two-year long Gerald Project invited designers to submit free-standing paper models of a cute canine.

Emma Hutchings

As part of the two-year Gerald Project, artists, illustrators and designers were invited to take a free-standing paper model of a dog and make it their own. Over one hundred creatives took part, customizing the blank canvases with paint, ink, pens, textiles, and more.

Gerald the gun dog was designed by the British design studio Lazerian. After the 120 original versions were returned, they were exhibited at New York Design Week earlier this month.

Art Project Challenges Artists To Fashion Dogs Out Of Paper [Pics]

A large format hardback book with color photos featuring all of the paper dogs alongside artists’ comments on the project was also presented at the event.

Limited edition kits of the dogs are available to buy online as a high quality print to be cut, folded and glued. Their dimensions are 27 x 8 x 20cm and they are priced at $30. Click through to see a selection of the creations:


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