Thin Passengers Pay Less On Tropical Airline

Samoa Air is charging passengers by their weight plus their bags, in order to maximize efficiency and offer lower rates in the future.

Samoa Air is the first airline to charge passengers by their weight. The price of a ticket is based on the sum of the passenger’s weight and the weight of their bags. By tracking the actual weight of each trip, the airline believes it can maximize efficiency and offer lower rates in the future.

The ‘pay by weight’ system of charging for airfare is said to be the fairest. Passengers give the airline their weight and tell them how much baggage they want to take, and it is then added together and charged by the kilo to work out the total airfare.

Thin Passengers Pay Less On Samoa Air

For families, they don’t pay for their kids at adult seat fare prices or half adult seat fare prices, these are charged at the same per kilo rate as everyone else on the plane.

By knowing the weights of the passengers, the airline can make some arrangements to get the best seats for them by trying to get more leg room ot spacious seating. In the future, the Samoa Air can be more efficient at reaching their target and start to bring their cost per kilo down to deliver the best price.

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