Wave Forecast Tells Surfers Where To Catch The Best Swells

Pascal van der Haar designed the ‘Google Swell’ concept as a website that provides a simple and functional forecast for surfers.

Art director Pascal van der Haar from Melbourne, Australia has created the concept Google Swell along with a web design for it. Google Swell provides a simple and functional wave forecast that helps surfers find a good place to ride the waves.

Never Miss A Wave With This Surf Forecast

Using country, region, and surf spot filters, Google Swell’s results provide the forecast for different locations such as Bells Beach. It includes the current conditions and the height of the swells in that location by the hour.

Never Miss A Wave With This Surf Forecast

Pascal was inspired by the surf and the need for a simple swell forecast. It adopts Google’s iconic look and feel implemented throughout it’s services and would work for both desktop and mobile, so users could check the forecast on the go.

Google Swell