Haunting Photographs Of Tokyo Without People [Pics]

Images by Gabriel de la Chapelle imagine what the bustling metropolis would look like without its 13 million inhabitants.

To see a city without people is an eerie sight, a sign of impending doom hinting a catastrophic storm or the apocalypse. To see Tokyo, Japan’s densest city, without people or cars, is particularly bewitching – it is known for its urban vibrancy, hoards of people bustling along the sidewalks and interweaving traffic. Photographer Gabriel de la Chapelle’s series Tokyo End depicts the city in a new light, capturing images of an empty city, with no sign of inhabitants other than the buildings in which they live.

The photographs depict what appear to be thoroughfares that run through the city – but upon closer inspection, it is clear that de la Chapelle manipulated the photos, overlaying city streets upon canals. This creates false landscapes of an impossible reality: a city without people.

Click the gallery below to see the full series:

Gabriel de la Chapelle