Storytelling Platform For Bored Parents Replaces Children’s Tales With Daily News

A new way to keep you and your child entertained when reading bedtime stories.

Picking a particular fairy tale to tell your kids before bed time isn’t always about having the best content, normally the sound of your voice is enough to do the trick. That’s why Magic Story Maker has given parents around the world a way to read the news while telling their children a bedtime story.

The app comes pre-loaded with three storybook themes, all of which can be populated with a news story of your choice. Now instead of reading the same story every night of the week, you can catch up on a bit of daily news while your child is soothed to sleep by the sound of you voice.


Developers for the app also back up the idea with research that indicates reading articles such as these help to build vocabulary, which leads to higher IQs later in life. It makes sense – the child who is read science news every day could potentially be much more advanced than the one who learns that a cow goes moo 8,000 times in a year.

Costing just $1.99, the app could be the perfect new way to help your kids get smarter and prevent you from slipping into madness after reading the same bed time story over and over again.


Magic Story Maker