Amazon’s Indie Game Store Places Spotlight On New Developers

To help indie game developers get noticed and sell their games, the huge e-retailer has launched a dedicated storefront.

Amazon has launched the Indie Games Store to help indie game developers get noticed and sell their games. The dedicated storefront includes features like an Indie Spotlight and deals on game bundles.

Amazon hopes this initiative will put indie games in front of reviewers and gamers, helping developers promote their PC, Mac, and browser-based games. The large and growing selection of innovative indie games includes ‘Don’t Starve‘ by Klei Entertainment, ‘FTL: Faster than Light‘ by Subset Games and ‘The Bridge‘ by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild.

Amazon’s Indie Game Store Places The Spotlight On Fledgling Developers

To celebrate the launch, Amazon is offering special features and promotions to encourage customers to engage with the indie game scene. The Indie Spotlight focuses on a different indie developer each week, with a Q&A and featured bios. Indie Bundles offer great deals for gamers to increase their collection, made up of 5, 6, or 10 games at a price of $9.99, which is a discount of up to 90%.

Gift with Purchase enables customers who purchase any indie title from the store to receive codes to redeem 3 pre-selected games for free, with the titles changing daily. The Indie Gamer’s Choice program positions two games head-to-head and allows gamers to vote for their favorite, which is then featured in the store.

Indie Games Store