Bookshelf Chair Provides A Comfortable Reading Nook [Pics]

The OpenBook chair created by design studio TILT features multiple shelves for showcasing books and magazines.

London-based design studio TILT (the makers of the cocoon-like chair and booth) designed a seat that celebrates the printed form. The OpenBook chair features multiple shelves on one side for books of different shapes and sizes, along with space on the other for hanging magazines or newspapers.

Bookshelf Chair Provides A Comfortable Reading Nook [Pics]

The top of the shelves can also be used as a place to rest items like a laptop or cup of coffee. The chair provides a comfortable reading or working space and also showcases the reading materials stored there.

OpenBook was designed to create more social environments, “exposing the user to others within the space allowing for serendipitous interaction.” It has a fully upholstered interior including an upholstered side panel, which offers additional comfort and sound insulation. Click through to see pictures of the OpenBook chair: