Acoustic Cocoon Chairs Offer Private Meeting Spots [Pics]

Designed for Belgian company BuzziSpace, BuzziHive consists of flat panels wrapped around seats to create a space for spontaneous conversations.

Designed by Alain Gilles for the Belgian company BuzziSpace, BuzziHive consists of flat panels that wrap around seats to create a private space for spontaneous meetings. The walls resemble a partly open door and they also provide sound insulation.

The “acoustic cocoon” is inspired by train compartments and ensures that up to three people can hold a meeting in peace and quiet, without losing contact with their surroundings. BuzziHive can be used as a stand-alone element or combined with others to create a beehive effect.

Acoustic Cocoon Turns Chairs Into Private Meeting Spots [Pics]

BuzziHive can feature several options, including a roof and a folding table, allowing it to be placed wherever you like and providing an area for writing down your ideas. You can choose your own decor and there is a variety of colors to pick from, enabling you to create a customized and private workspace.

BuzziHive will be available in September, after it launches at the design exposition NeoCon in Chicago from June 10-12th. Click through to see images of BuzziHive: