Mirror Furniture Appears To Fade Into The Background [Pics]

Tables and chairs covered in reflective acrylic appear to vanish into thin air.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on June 20, 2013. @greenidealism

Takeshi Miyakawa has created a set of furniture that’s there one minute, and gone the next. Like some of the world’s best magicians, the disappearing act in what these specially-designed pieces are best at.

The Brooklyn-based designer uses mirror finished acrylic to create the illusion of disappearing chairs and tables. Some of the furniture has also been exposed to extreme heat to bend and distort their appearance.


Apart from marking each piece of furniture with a unique and intricate pattern, the distorted nature of the collection makes it seem as if it’s phasing in and out of reality.

Miyakawa presented his series of designs at salon 94 during New York design week. Click through the gallery below to see more photos of theses amazing pieces.

Takeshi Miyakawa

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