Dry Erase Lamp Offers Limitless Design Possibilites

Dry Erase Lamp Offers Limitless Design Possibilites

A piece of furniture that actually encourages people to draw on it.

Ross Brooks

Drawing on the furniture is normally an activity reserved for kids – and not one that is actively encouraged for that matter. Things may be about to change with DRAWLAMP, a lamp whose makers actually encourage you to draw on it.


Made from ceramic with a cut-out hole in the front that allows light to shine through, you can think of a new design for your lamp every day of the year.


If you don’t see yourself as much of a designer, or don’t have the energy to come up with something new every day, you can just leave messages for people around the house instead.


Regardless of how you want to use it, DRAWLAMP offers endless possibilites and costs just $50.


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