Edible QR Codes Inform Diners About Their Meals

Chef Robert Ruiz labels the sushi at his restaurants with scannable graphics printed on rice wafers in edible ink.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on June 26, 2013.

Chef Robert Ruiz is labelling the sushi at his restaurants (Harney Sushi in San Diego and Oceanside in California) with QR codes printed in edible ink on rice wafers. The codes provide customers with information about the dish they are being served, including where the ingredients come from.

Edible QR Codes Inform Diners About Their Meals

They can scan their sushi with a smartphone and check out a variety of relevant details about it. According to Ruiz, this additional information keeps the customers coming back. He told Ubergizmo:

It’s proven in the food world in general that when your customers know about the products you’re giving them they will pay more for them and come back more often. The technology and the information’s here, so why don’t we do the right thing and make money while we’re doing it?

Harney Sushi

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