Eight-Wheeled Skateboard Cruises Down Steps Easily [Video]

Eight-Wheeled Skateboard Cruises Down Steps Easily [Video]

New design aims to turn entire city into skateable surface.

Lara Piras

The Stair-Rover is a longboard designed by inventor and skateboarding enthusiast PoChih Lai with the ambitious aim of turning any surface into a skateable one, that would enable users to surf their city.  The board has eight wheels that move independently to reduce impact and create a smooth ride down any rough surface including steps and stairs.


The Stair-Rover also gives riders the ability to discover new tricks and maneuvers which is sure to grab the attention of skating aficionados.


Watch the video below to get inspired:

Stair-Rover is available to pre-order online and is awaiting your pledges on Kickstarter.


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