Art Print Camping Tents Blend Into Nature [Pics]

Art Print Camping Tents Blend Into Nature [Pics]

FieldCandy tents feature unique designs like cows or sheep in a field, butterflies, tigers, and more.

Leah Gonzalez

English company FieldCandy offers high-performance tents that have creative and colorful designs.

The company features tent designs such as cows or sheep in a field, tigers, butterflies, an old suitcase, and much more.

FieldCandy tents are designed by renowned artists, designers and photographers from around the globe. Many of the tent designs, which are considered unique pieces of outdoor art, are in galleries all around the world, sold at charity auctions or are kept in private collections.



FieldCandy tents are not just amusing and artsy though. They are built to shelter anyone from rain or winds like any other high-performance tents. The inner tents are made of cotton which helps prevent condensation.

See more designs on the company’s website or scroll through the images below for a few samples.


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