Finger Mouse Controls A Computer In Midair [Video]

The Flick Finger Mouse attaches to your index finger and can be used to point and click without the need for a flat surface.

The Flick Finger Mouse from Japanese tech company Thanko lets you control your computer’s cursor by pointing in the air and clicking a button with your thumb. The tiny mouse attaches to your index finger and features a high-efficiency gyro sensor.

Finger Mouse Clicks In The Air [Video]

CNET reports that it can be used with Windows, Mac and Android operating systems. It has two modes allowing you to use it both in the air and traditionally against a desk.

Finger Mouse Clicks In The Air [Video]

The high-tech mouse can be easily recharged via USB, with a 90 minute charge enabling it to be used for 24 hours. An additional USB adapter can also be purchased to allow people to use the mouse with their smartphone or tablet.

The Flick Finger Mouse is available in black or white for a price of 6,980 yen ($71). You can check it out in action in the videos below: