Guinness Transforms Office Windows Into Pint Glasses [Pics]

For St. Patrick’s Day, the brand’s promotion in Toronto saw windows transformed using logo decals and blinds.

Diageo in collaboration with Grey Group Canada repurposed white blinds in office windows for Guinness to create the visual illusion of a pint glass during the daytime. Guinness wanted to ‘own’ St. Patrick’s Day in the bar and club district of Toronto without having to pay a large outdoor billboard price tag.

Guinness Transforms Office Windows Into Pint Glasses [Pics]

Window Pints‘ was created in office buildings throughout the downtown area. This was achieved simply by placing logo decals on the windows and pulling down the blinds to a certain height to simulate the drink’s white head.

‘Window Pints’ cost 75% less than equivalent media coverage in traditional out of home media. It also won a bronze Lion in the Media category for best use of ambient media. Click through to see images of the innovative advertising for Guinness:

Window Pints