Living Room Sculpture Hangs In Mid Air

Living Room Sculpture Hangs In Mid Air

French festival Le Voyage a Nantes turns the streets upside down with a unique way of showcasing art.

Keerthana Jagadeesh

It looks like the torn, surviving portion of a house that was blown apart by a hurricane but it stays magically suspended like as if an invisible hand was holding it up or in this case, a ladder. Argentinean artist, Leandro Erlich‘s large scale sculpture, The Furniture Lift – The Ultimate Moving Out turns people’s heads at the biannual Le Voyages a Nantes.


The sculpture is realistically put together with the bricks, pipes and mortar in states of tear and destruction, depicting what seem to be left of a battle ground in the form of an ordinary living room. The entire sculpture is held up by a ladder.


French festivals like Le Voyages a Nantes bring art literally outside the box and into the streets and skies of Nantes. Erlich‘s suspended scultpure provides a new perspective to how art can be showcased.


Leandro Erlich

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