Hardwood Floors Lower To Reveal Secret Pools [Video]

Companies like Hydrofloors and Agor have created usable surface space that is replaced by a pool of water whenever desired.

Companies like Hydrofloors and Agor have created areas of usable surface space that are replaced by a pool whenever the owner desires. By pushing a button, mechanically-controlled platforms lower to create steps and the base of the pool and water rushes in to fill the space left behind.

The variable depth pool floors fuse state-of-the-art-technology with on-demand functionality and beauty. Owners can choose from exterior and interior swimming and wading pools as well as hot tubs.

Hardwood Floors Descend To Reveal Secret Pools [Video]

The space can transform seamlessly from a swimming pool to a dance floor, entertaining room, or a place to park your car, doubling the floor space. The swimming pool can change between a deep diving pool, a child-friendly shallow depth pool or a mid depth pool for exercise and water games, and can be completely closed for security.

You can check out the movable floors from companies Hydrofloors and Agor in the videos below:

Hydrofloors // Agor