Colorful Animations Depict McDonalds’ Burger Prototypes [Video]

Colorful Animations Depict McDonalds’ Burger Prototypes [Video]

Animation studio Piñata created videos visualizing the winning burgers of the McDonalds MyBurger competition in Finland.

Leah Gonzalez

McDonald’s recently came out with three video ads that were abstract animations featuring the winners of the McDonald’s MyBuger competition in Finland.

The videos were created by Piñata, an animation and illustration studio based in Helsinki, by using different techniques such as ‘2D animation effects, 3D elements, and some compositing magic and particle simulation.’

They seem to be part of a new campaign from McDonald’s to appeal to younger eaters with brand new art direction.



The films provide a colorful visualization of how the winning burgers were designed and show them in ways that are different from the usual McDonald’s ads.

Take a look at the videos below.


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