Smirnoff Helps Paralysis Victims Write A Song With Their Minds [Video]

The vodka brand, a producer, a brainwave expert and three disabled musicians teamed up to create a work of art.

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez on June 4, 2013. @leahgonz

Vodka company Smirnoff teamed up with international artist and producer DJ Fresh, brainwave technology expert Julien Castet and disability charity Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation (QEF) for the Mindtunes project.


The group worked with three physically disabled music fans–Mark, Jo, and Andy–to create a dance track using only their minds.

Castet used an electroencephalography device to measure the electrical activity in the brain and then convert brainwaves and emotions into beats and sounds. Mark provided the beats; Jo provided the synth; and Andy provided the noise FX. The track was then put together and produced by DJ Fresh.

Smirnoff-Mindtunes-Project-2 Smirnoff-Mindtunes-Project-3

For Smirnoff, the project is only the first in a series of projects that aim to create awareness of how innovation and inventiveness can help people realize their creative potential. Smirnoff’s campaign uses the hashtag #yoursforthemaking to signify that anyone can make of anything with the right creativity.

Mindtunes is available on iTunes and all proceeds will go to QEF.

Watch the clip on the making of Mindtunes below.