How Successful Was The First Week Of NYC’s Citi Bike Share

A large number of trips have been made and local companies have begun to integrate the service into their sites.

New York City’s bike share scheme Citi Bike launched this week. After the first three days, over 20,000 trips were made and more than 57,000 miles were travelled by the cyclists.

The average duration of trips was around 15 minutes and annual membership continues to grow, with 5,000 new members signing up since the launch and over 20,000 in total.

The First Week Of NYC’s Citi Bike Share

Local companies have begun to integrate the Citi Bike app functions into their own. Listing search site StreetEasy has added bike station icons to its NYC maps, so online visitors can find a place with Citi Bikes close by, with numbers indicating how many are available at each location.

The New York Times’ mobile app, The Scoop, has added an icon for Citi Bike on its main menu. When tapping the icon, users can view a map with nearby Citi Bike locations and the current number of bikes and stations.

It looks like overall integration has been relatively frictionless, and functionality is high.

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