Prison Hotel Treats Guests Like Inmates [Pics]

Latvia’s Karosta Prison is now a tourist attraction where guests sign up to be treated like actual criminals.

Latvia’s Karosta Prison was used as a military jail for most of the 20th century but is now a place where visitors can sign up for a guided tour or even spend the night. They sign an agreement to be treated like actual inmates and sleep in a cell.

Prison-Themed Hotel Treats Guests Like Inmates [Pics]

This unique tourist attraction offers guests an authentic experience. Visitors sleep on an old mattress on wooden boards, eat prison food served through barred doors, get verbally abused by guards and must follow their orders.

If they don’t do as they’re told, they are punished by having to do physical exercise and cleaning around the prison. Click through to see images of the Karosta Prison:

Karosta Prison Hotel