Photos Of Old Rest Stops Show America’s Roadside Past

Photos Of Old Rest Stops Show America’s Roadside Past

Photographter Ryann Ford documents traditional rest stops before they become commercialized.

Leah Gonzalez

Photographer Ryann Ford has come out with a photo series on what she calls ‘vanishing relics of the American roadside.’ Rest Stop features 20th century rest stops from different places across the country.

Ford believes that the traditional rest stops are more than just tables and toilets in the middle of the nowhere. They represent what was known of a ‘region’s historical, archaeological, geological, or cultural significance.’

These rest stops, however, are slowly disappearing, shut down or demolished, and replaced with bigger and more commercialized centers.

For Ford, the disappearance of rest stops is a big loss because they connect travelers to their immediate surroundings. Unlike commercial centers that look and feel the same, no two rest stops are alike and this makes them interesting and unique. Ford’s photography project intends to document these rest stops before they are all gone.

You can see Ford’s photos on her website.

Ryann Ford

Image by Ryann Ford

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