Father’s Day Gift Set Comes With Bacon [Video]

A bizarre new gift idea jumps on the bacon trend for the dad who has everything.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on June 10, 2013. @greenidealism

Choosing a Father’s Day gift can be challenging, especially when you want to get something meaningful without being too sentimental – so how about a bacon gift set?

The sets are part of Oscar Mayer’s “Say It With Bacon” campaign and features different options that go by names such as ”The Commander,” “The Matador” and ”The Woodsman.” Prices range from $22 – $28.

Each of the sets comes with 18-20 strips of bacon, an elegant card and one of three options depending on which price point you go for – a money clip, cufflinks or a multi-tool.


So, unless your dad’s a vegetarian, the bacon gift set could be a great way to make him smile this Father’s Day. Here’s a video for the “Say It With Bacon” campaign that captures the tone pretty well:

Oscar Mayer

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