Siemens Challenges Gamers To Manage City’s Energy Grid [Video]

Siemens Challenges Gamers To Manage City’s Energy Grid [Video]

Online game Power Matrix aims to educate people about power sources and how the energy market works.

Leah Gonzalez

Siemens Energy has come up with a Simcity-like online game called Power Matrix where players are tasked with creating and regulating the energy grid of a virtual city.

The object of the game is to turn a rural region into an urban center with a stable and sustainable energy grid. Players must use a mix of traditional and renewable energy sources like wind and solar power to create an energy grid that can generate large amounts of energy at a low level of resource utilization. The player who generates the largest amount  of energy at the lowest resource utilization wins the game.



The game was designed to raise awareness of how the energy market works and to educate people about different sources of energy and modern energy systems.

Watch the clip below about the online game.

Power Matrix // Siemens

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