High-Concept Sneaker Fuses Leather With 3D Printed Plastic [Pics]

High-Concept Sneaker Fuses Leather With 3D Printed Plastic [Pics]

A 3D-printed shoe that not only looks good, but can actually be worn.

Ross Brooks

In what seems to be an attempt to move away from 3D items printed for the sake of novelty, London-based designer Earl Stewart has come up with the XYZ shoe, an excellent combination of physical and digital elements.

Featuring 3D-printed components that aren’t merely garish, the designer describes them not as just 3D-printed shoes, but rather shoes that incorporate 3D-printed elements. It is actually wearable, being made of a material that accommodates movements, unlike previous printed shoes which were almost entirely hard plastic.


While still just a concept, the shoes have attracted a lot of attention and with the right funding and manufacturing backing they could become a mass-market product.

Here are some pictures to help you decide if you would want a pair or not:


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