Greenhouse Made Of Caramelized Sugar [Pics]

Solarium is an experimental and multi-functional structure with panels made out of the cooked food substance sealed between glass panes.

Installation, performance and generative artist William Lamson cooked sugar in different temperatures to create the shades of yellow, orange and amber on the panels of an experimental and multi-functional structure called Solarium.


The cooked sugar was sealed between glass panes encased with steel. Solarium served as an experimental greenhouse giving shelter to three miniature citrus trees and as a place for meditation.

Each side of the structure had panels that could be opened to allow the breeze as well as visitors to go in and out from all sides. The structure was set in an open landscape which gave it the right level of isolation and quiet.


Solarium was commissioned by Storm King for the Light and Landscape show in 2012. It was then uninstalled at the end of the year. View more photos of Solarium below.


William Lamson