Multisensory Bodysuit Brings Video Game Action To Life [Video]

Multisensory Bodysuit Brings Video Game Action To Life [Video]

ARAIG lets gamers hear and feel what's happening during play.

Leah Gonzalez

Video game developers are already working hard on improving the gaming experience, and making it even more seamless than it is today. A Kickstarter project is looking to bring game play to a whole different level with the ARAIG multisensory gaming suit.



ARAIG, which stands for As Real As It Gets, is a wearable technology that enables video game players to actually hear and feel what is happening in the game. The multi-sensory suit is fitted with integrated surround sound and haptic feedback on the torso and upper arms. The ARAIG suit is also designed in a way that will allow game developers to create and implement the sensations for their particular video games.

ARAIG comes with a Decoder, which is what connects the suit to the console, an Exoskeleton, a rechargeable power cell, and a power cord.

View more photos of the suit below.

Check out this video on ARAIG.

ARAIG – As Real As It Gets

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