Craft Beer GIFs Animate Microbrew Labels [Pics]

Trevor Carmick’s 'Beer Labels In Motion' Tumblr brings his favorite brands to life.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on July 26, 2013.

Craft beer fan Trevor Carmick’s ‘Beer Labels In Motion‘ Tumblr is a collection of animated GIFs that give life to his favorite beers’ labels. He creates one GIF each week to celebrate these beers.

Animated Labels Breathe New Life Into Craft Beer [Pics]

The label for the 60 Minute IPA brewed by Dogfish Head features the brand’s namesake fish swimming across a glass. Great Divide Brewing Co.’s Yeti Imperial Stout features a yeti walking across the label as the name appears. Click through to see a selection of Carmick’s animated GIFs and check out his Tumblr for more:

Beer Labels in Motion