Giant Wave Of Broken Windshield Glass Imagines A Tsunami’s Destruction [Pics]

French artist conveys a natural disaster of Biblical proportions and how we might be a threat to our own existence.

Flow (or The Cry of the Leviathan) is an art installation from Parisian artist Baptiste Debombourg that uses hundreds of reclaimed windshields to fill a room in the form of a gargantuan wave.

Inspired by the idea of an apocalyptic wave, along with the destruction it could cause, Debombourg wanted to create something that people could interact with. Visitors are encouraged to walk on the display, apart from the sound of crunching glass beneath their feet, the walls are also covered in the glare of the gallery lights, which dance in various patterns.


The alternative name for the exhibit is a reference to the Biblical creature of the sea that threatened to bring destruction to the land. Demombourg’s use of discarded man-made materials is meant to demonstrate the tie between humans and the Leviathan, potentially suggesting that we are a threat to our own existence.

Baptiste Debombourg