Carnivorous Plant Solar Lamps Glow In City Streets

Designed by artist Dan Corson, the street lamps are inspired by the meat-eating vegetation.

In Portland, Oregon there are a few city street lamps that are far from your typical metal and light bulb structures. Named the Nepenthes, the plant-looking street lamps collects solar energy during the daytime and glow in different colors at night.

Designed by artist Dan Corson, the street lamps were inspired by and named after a family of carnivorous plants. Each lamp has its own solar cells that take in solar power during the day and allows the lamp to glow for up to four hours after they turn on at night.

This unique project was funded by TRIMET and administrated by the Regional Arts and Culture Council of Portland (RACC).



Click through the gallery below to see more images of the startling designs:

Dan Corson