Cave Hotel Built In An Abandoned Chinese Quarry [Pics]

Slated to open in Shanghai in 2015, the building will include an extreme-sports facility, underwater restaurant, and be powered by geothermal...

Michael Ellenbogen
Michael Ellenbogen on July 1, 2013.

Construction is underway for a hotel resort that will be built into a 100 meter high rocky cave. Aesthetics and functionality of the superplex resort will include a waterfall pouring from a 19 story hotel, 400 rooms, conference facilities, floors submerged beneath water, and an underwater restaurant.


To help guests stay active, the complex will offer rock-climbing, bungee jumping, swimming and water sports.


Designed by architecture firm Atkins, the facility will also utilize geothermal technology to generate electricity and lighting.

Click through to see more images of the innovative design below:


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