Choreography App Traps Dancer Within A Tablet’s Frame [Video]

DOT DOT DOT lets people control a dance routine with their fingertips.

Lara Piras
Lara Piras on July 30, 2013.

Created by Pentagram designer Abbott Miller and 2wice Arts Foundation, the DOT DOT DOT app invites users to interact with a dancer performing a routine designed, choreographed and scored for the tablet. By swiping different directions through a graphic interface of black and red dots, the dancer can be seen from above, from the side, or from the corner of the stage.


This completely original idea comes at a time where dance is increasingly moving into modern times as reported last week, a Paris-based dance company is using a high-tech set to create 3D environments.

Watch the video below to witness the app in action:

DOT DOT DOT is available for download now from iTunes.