DIY Reaction GIFs Made With A Webcam

Web developer Horia Dragomir has created a new app called ‘Face to GIF’ that enables users to create looped videos using their webcam.

Romanian UI developer Horia Dragomir has created a new web app that makes GIFs out of video taken directly from users’ webcams. ‘Face to GIF‘ features a simple interface that enables users to record themselves and easily create an infinitely looping animated GIF.

The app outputs a 320 × 240 gif @ 10 frames per second, which can then be quickly uploaded to imgur by clicking the button on the image.

How To Make Reaction GIFs With Your Webcam

The site welcomes you with a blank page that has the words “put your face here” at the top. Simply click that button to begin the process and grant access to your webcam. Then you’ll be able to see a live stream and start recording your reaction GIF.

The timer counts down (you can pause and resume if you need to) and finally you just click “make GIF” to create your looping masterpiece. Dragomir shared his own reaction GIF:

Face to GIF